Betty Gifford

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Birthdate Nov 16, 2014

Betty comes from the Masese slum. Most people there have lost hope in life and become drunkards. Most people from Masese are from the North Eastern part of Uganda, Karamoja. That region is dry most of the year and so they always have difficulty having enough food. This is why they run away to Jinja in search of a better life but they instead end up in Masese. Betty's mother claims she is not the mother and that Betty belongs to her brother who passed away; however, she was breastfeeding Betty when she was found. The mother was told she should keep Betty and that help would be provided, but she refused. She threatened to do something to Betty if we didn't remove her. The social worker who brought Betty to Sonrise Baby Home was almost in tears at this point. We agreed to take in Betty in hopes they they can be reunited at some future date. We believe the reason Betty was rejected is because she has a medical condition: Cerebral Palsy. Please pray for complete healing and pray that the Lord will give Betty's mother a change of heart. Until then she is at Sonrise where she is loved and cared for by many. Today, Betty has learned how to walk! Praise the Lord! Betty has such a beautiful smile that you will always remember. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers! You can support our Baby Home by clicking on the red “Support Baby Home” button. We could not do this without your support!

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