Elvin Musakira

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Elvin is currently living under the care of the Sonrise Baby Home. Due to his age, Elvin is scheduled to move to the Sonrise Children’s Home in January 2020. Elvin is in need of monthly sponsors equal to or greater than $120 per month. Your sponsorship dollars assist the Children’s Home in providing Elvin's care and education once he moves up. Any support recieved for Elvin prior to his move will go to the Baby Home to assist them in providing his care. Please consider becoming a part of Elvin’s life as he grows up to be a godly young man by sponsoring at any amount by clicking on the button below.


His Story:

Elvin was born Sept. 1, 2015 with two hernias and was abandoned. His father is HIV positive and unable to care for him. The AID’s organization contacted Sonrise for help care for Elvin. When Elvin first came to Sonrise Baby Home, he would cry often due to being in pain from the hernias. Since coming to Sonrise Baby Home, we were able to raise the money to have both of his hernias repaired. Please pray for Elvin to be reunited with his mother one day as her location is unknown at this time.

Elvin loves running and playing. He is very stubborn and he is always so full of energy. He loves to laugh and play jokes. His smile is infectious.

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers! We could not do this without your support!