Robert Mumwata

Birthdate February 2, 2016

Robert is very wild. His favorite thing to do is praying before eating. He faithfully closes his eyes and sings Ogiwe o Mukisa (prayer song for food). He loves playing with toy cars.

Robert's mother died February 2, 2016. When Roberts mom was three months pregnant she had a really bad fall and injured herself so she was taken to the hospital where she stayed for treatment for one month. She returned home and when the pregnancy was full term she went into labor but the doctors told her she would not be able to give birth naturally. She had an emergency C section but sadly she didn't make it through the surgery. She died during surgery and didn't get to meet her beautiful baby boy.  Baby Robert's father is a peasant farmer who grew up as an orphan. Usually in such cases the grandmother takes over the responsibility. So Robert's father really felt stranded with this new born.  He contacted Damili, Director of the Sonrise Baby's Home, and begged to save his sons.  Baby Robert was taken to our pediatrician and was diagnosed with Chlamydia and is now being treated. The Pediatrician said if we had not brought Robert to the hospital when we did he could have developed a mental illness or die from the infection. Please pray for baby Robert to recover quickly. He was born a big baby but has lost a lot of weight. Consider helping out with his bill at the hospital or help sponsor him.