Robert Mumwata


Birthdate February 2, 2016

Robert’s mom had a bad fall when she was three months pregnant and injured herself badly. She was taken to the hospital where she stayed for one month receiving treatments. She returned home and once the pregnancy was full term she went into labor. The doctors told her she would not be able to give birth naturally, so she had an emergency C-section. Sadly, she didn't make it through the surgery. She died during surgery and never got to meet her beautiful baby boy. Robert's father is a peasant farmer who makes very little money and is unable to care for Robert. Usually in cases such as this, the grandmother takes over the responsibility. However, since the father was an orphan himself, there was no one to help him. Robert's father felt desperate to find help with the newborn baby. He contacted Damali the Director of Sonrise Baby Home and begged her to save his son. Today, Robert is very wild. His favorite thing to do is to pray before we eat. He faithfully closes his eyes and sings the blessing.

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