Viany Lugombya


Birthdate March 31, 2016

Viany is the 8th child in the family. His mother dealt with diabetes and fought constant fatigue until she went into labor. After she and Viany went home, Viany fell sick and was rushed to the hospital. He was being nursed by his mother who also got sick the following day and suddenly died. Viany was still on medication at the children's hospital had to be fed cow’s milk. Viany's dad is a farmer who works to provide for the children but he is not a well man. Baby Viany's grandfather and grandmother are ill and were not able to give baby Viany the care he required. Baby Viany was brought to Sonrise Baby’s Home by his grandfather.

Today, Viany loves playing with cars. He is skinny but loves eating. He is walking and running around the house all the time. He is full of energy and a happy boy!

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