Moses Ntabazi


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Birthdate: Sept 7, 2015

A lady contacted the police after becoming concerned with the welfare of a little boy named Moses. After the community became concerned about the mother mistreating Moses she was put into prison. The father was already in prison for abusing his daughter. When the police contacted Sonrise Baby Home, we wanted to speak with the mother. Moses’ mother told us after she gave birth to Moses, he had complications. She was advised by the witch doctor not to take him out of the house. According to reports from other community members who knew her, she no longer wanted him and it was unknown when the father would get out of prison. Moses was totally malnourished to the extent that he spent one month at Whispers Children's hospital. He is now safe with us where he is fed, nurtured, and growing into a strong boy. As you can tell from his picture, Moses loves food! He is such a happy boy now who enjoys the swings and playing with toy cars!

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