Babirye Lydia Muyama

Damali and Baby Lydia.jpeg

Birthdate: June 20, 2018

Baby Lydia was born June 20, 2018 along with her twin.  Shortly after birth, her mom passed away. Several days later, her twin did also.  Since her Grandma had previously passed away, there was no relatives around to care for Baby Lydia.  The village was caring for her until they began to get concerned at 5 weeks old that she was becoming malnourished.  Damali was contacted and she went to the village immediately. She brought Baby Lydia back to Sonrise Baby Home where she was given a bath and her first bottle.   She was taken to the hospital and her test results for contagious diseases were all clear! Praise the Lord!! Due to our general sponsors we have at the Baby Home, we were able to immediately care for her by purchasing formula, preemie diapers, and pay for her doctor bills.  Today, Lydia is gaining weight and thriving!