Miria Wambuuka


Date of Birth: 07-31-2019

Miria’s mother became a widow with 3 children. She found another man however he often drank too much. She became pregnant and when she went to the government hospital, she was told the baby was too large and she would have to have a C-section. During C-section she was given anesthesia, however she didn’t wake up leaving Miria without a mother. Since the father was a drunkard and the children were not safe with him, the older 3 children and the newborn baby went with the mother’s sister. She is caring for the older 3 orphans but was unable to provide formula for Miria. The village called Sonrise Baby Home to care for the baby because nobody else within their village had any money or milk to feed Miria and they wanted her to live. Now Miria is at Sonrise Baby Home where she is growing and happy.

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