Israel Semambo


Birth Date: 7-31-2017 (estimated)

A baby boy was abandoned at our former children’s home gate without knowing they had moved. He spent the night alone outside and the villagers heard him crying all night but they thought it was a neighbor’s child. The next morning they went to look and found him in a garden. The village people called the local council chairperson who took the baby to the police. There was no place for him to go so they contacted Damali begging for her to please take him in. Sonrise Baby Home took him in even though there was not enough financial support but otherwise he had no place to go and gave him a special name since it was unknown. When he was taken to the hospital for a medical checkup (as required by the government) we discovered he had malaria from being left outside all night and eaten by mosquitoes. He has been given the medicines needed, he is now well and he is growing healthy and strong!

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