Musa Ssenyange

Musa Ss.jpeg

Birth date: 08/21/2017

Musa’s mother dances for money and chose to leave her baby behind. Musa’s father is a young boy and has no job or means to care for a child. When Musa’s grandfather discovered how severely malnourished his grandson was, he contacted Sonrise Baby Home since he was already caring for so many other children and Musa was so sick. Musa was taken for medical checkups where they found he had TB and HIV. After making many calls to other baby homes and finding that no other home would take any contagious babies, Damali contacted the grandmother to take Musa but she refused. So Damali had to find a place to isolate Musa from the other babies since he was highly contagious. He is now healed from TB, on medications for HIV and is now undetectable (it is hard to pass HIV on to others). He is now thriving and his father comes to check on him often.

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