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Date of Birth: 09-12-2018

Rahuma’s father died in a landslide in 2018 while the mother was pregnant. This left the family displaced in a slum near the Baby Home. The mother was trying to find jobs in any and all ways she could. When she gave birth, she did not produce any milk for Rahuma and had no money to purchase formula. She came to Sonrise Baby Home asking for help because she had no way to feed her baby. Since she desires to take care of her daughter, we help out by giving her formula. She comes to the baby home each week so that Rahuma’s health can be monitored, medication is provided if needed, and the mother receives formula to feed her. Once Rahuma is between 14-18 months old, she will transition to milk and will no longer need formula from us. However, we will continue to visit Rahuma while she is living at home with her mother to make sure she is growing healthy.

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