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Mirembe Girls Have Moved Into Their New Home!

September 9, 2018

905 days ago, ground was broken in Uganda to build a permanent home for the girls of the Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls. SEPTEMBER 9TH, THEY MOVED IN!!! Praise God for His blessings! The 16 bedroom home can house 56 girls as well as house moms.

This move will allow the Mirembe Cottage to rescue additional girls from the streets of Uganda. It’s also a big step toward becoming more self sustaining. This has greatly helped the existing girls to realize they have a real home. A home that is not rented where the landlord can evict because of lack of rent money. There was such a fear among the girls that they may someday be put back out on the street. Praise God, this will never happen!

Thank you to so many of you that sacrificed to make this happen. Changing lives, one child at a time.


  1. $1,500 - lightening rod on new home

  2. $1,200 - for security that is overdue 

  3. $3,000 - remaining on the van. Seller calling in the debt

  4. $4,200 - beds and mattresses for the girls - their old ones are literally falling apart (16 bunk-bed sets with mattresses)

  5. $1,200 - 8 auntie bed sets

(Contributed by Linda Jones and
Daniel Awali (Director of the Mirembe Cottage))S

With the girls on the balcony

With the girls on the balcony

Light on the hill, solar power

Light on the hill, solar power

Mirembe CottageART BENNETT
New Mirembe Cottage Taking Shape

June 7, 2018

Progress is being made on the new Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls.   Windows are being installed this week and interior painting has begun. We hope to move from our rental home in a couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to get here!