These are the boys of our home and their life stories.  We believe these will tug on your heart-strings. Please read through their stories and before doing anything else, pray and then consider sponsorship. They need you in their lives.

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Sam was born Aug 2, 2012

Please welcome Sam. A nurse with the Jinja Aids Support Organization (TASO) called us about Sam. Sam’s mother has four children, the youngest being Sam. Sam’s mother is deathly ill and cannot take care of him and other relatives have distanced themselves from her because she has Tuberculosis (T.B.) for the second time and also full blown AIDS. The TASO nurse was concerned that little Sam may also contract T.B. The situation for Sam’s mom and her children is really desperate. They have nothing to eat. The older children move around the village hunting for fruits or anything that they can find to eat. The little money we had to transport Sam to Sonrise he ended up giving it to the family because they had not eaten since morning.  Sam is now at Sonrise. His feet were badly infected with jiggers which the Sonrise Aunties removed. Pray for a miracle healing so that Sam may be reunited with his mother at some future date. It breaks my heart to separate them but we must protect Sam from contracting T.B and allow his mother to get better. The saddest part was that when we accepted baby Sam, Sam’s mother said “Now I can die in peace knowing that my baby is fine”.  Please pray about being a part of Sam's life.

Sharif (Rasta) Wandela was born July 27, 2011. 

Rasta's mom faced mental problems after his birth and never breast fed him. They lived on a Lake Victoria island where most are HIV positive. Rasta's dad is positive and we are unsure about his mom. Due to his mom not being able to care for him, he was staying with his grandmother but the grandmother could not care for him. Rasta was starving and severely malnourished. Someone noticed him and told Damali (Sonrise Baby Home Director) about him, and he was admitted to Sonrise. He is now growing, healthy young boy.  Rasta thinks that he is every babies twin! So whenever he is playing with David (another boy at the home) he says that the twins are playing, referring to himself and David. Whenever its devotion time and the Auntie responsible for him is still in the room, he will say, “Faith go sing. It’s for devotions”. He knows all the sounds of the Sonrise vans. Whenever one of them is coming he will know if its Mommy’s Van or Uncle Ivan’s van before he even sees it. Rasta has so much love to share.   

David Pandel was born June 15, 2012

David came to Sonrise when he was only 2 days old after his mother passed away in childbirth. David's father has many other children. He lives on one of the Lake Victoria islands, one of the most lawless and poorest villages in Uganda. He requested that we take care of David for some time until David is old enough to survive without needing milk and so much care; in other words, to survive on his own. We hope to reunite David with his father when David is older. David has an infectious laughter. He loves to climb up and down the cribs. He looooooves his bottle (you can tell from his size). His favorite song is “Up You Go Ever So High”.

Bonan Emmanuel was born December 31, 2012

Bonan was born by caesarian section and his mother passed away a few hours after the operation. Bonan’s father was not able to care for him.  He called Sonrise and asked for them to take care of him for 3 years until Bonan is able to eat solid food and is no longer an infant.  We agreed to save Bonan’s life.  He is such a good baby! Bonan hardly ever cries and is the easiest baby to care for.  We thank God for Bonan’s life and look forward to the day he will be reunited with his father. Bonan is such a laid back young boy. He is afraid of white people. He now has 8 teeth. He likes to be in the room with other babies. If he is in there alone he will throw a fit. He loves Venus a lot (Damili’s child). He loves to play in a bucket of water. He is beginning to talk. His favorite word is Taya (Light), Teya meaning Stella.

Patrick, birthdate April 18, 2012

Patrick was brought to Sonrise mid February 2015 by an elderly lady and man on a boda boda (motorcycle taxi ). Patrick looked a lot like that boda boda man but he was very quick to deny that he was not the father. They were both so desperate to get rid of this poor boy. It broke our heart to see how desperate these two were willing to get rid of him. We gave the old woman an option of keeping the child and we would support her to care for Patrick but she just wanted to be free of him. He had so many jiggers in his feet but we dug all of them out and he is recovering.  I know many people have the thinking that all African people are loving parents but just poor but in some cases some people just want to get rid of there babies. Since they didn't want him, we want him. We will keep him and show him lots of love.

Percy Musasizi – birthdate June 18, 2005

Both of Percy’s parent passed away leaving the uncle to take care of him and his 2 siblings, Millie and Eddie. The uncle was not physically or financially able to take care of them. So the children were brought to a ministry in town to care for them. That ministry had to close down in 2015 due to unforeseen reasons. The director contacted Ivan and Melissa Mukulu and asked them to take the children in so they wouldn’t have to go back to their bad conditions in the village. Sonrise Children’s home agreed to accept Percy and his two siblings. Please pray for them that they will adjust well at Sonrise and that they will come to know and love the Lord one day.

Eric Kigozi – birthdate September 6, 2007

The location of Eric’s father is unknown. Eric’s mother didn’t care for him so he had to go live with the grandmother in hopes of being cared for. The grandmother was not physically or financially able to care for him so Eric was brought to a ministry in town for care. That ministry had to close down in 2015 due to unforeseen reasons. The director contacted Ivan and Melissa Mukulu and asked them to take Eric in so he wouldn’t have to go back to his grandmother in the village. Sonrise Children’s home agreed to take him in and take care of him. Please pray for Eric that he will adjust well here at Sonrise and that he will come to know and love the Lord one day. 

Eddie Taava –  birthdate January 10, 2008

Both of Eddie’s parent passed away leaving Eddie and his two siblings, Millie and Percy, in the care of their uncle. The uncle was not physically or financially able to take care of them. So the children were brought to a ministry in town to care for them. That ministry had to close down in 2015 due to unforeseen reasons. The director contacted Ivan and Melissa Mukulu and asked them to take the children in so they wouldn’t have to go back to their bad conditions in the village. Sonrise Children’s home agreed to accept Eddie and his two siblings. Please pray for them that they will adjust well at Sonrise and that they will come to know and love the Lord one day.

Kevin Lukudde was born August 26, 2011.  A young mother gave birth to a boy in a nearby slum. The mother refused to feed him and she beat him evan as a newborn. She had the symptoms of postpartum depression and she didn’t like the baby.  A neighbor called Sonrise in hopes that might help the tiny malnourished boy.  Pastor Ivan went to the village to check on the baby where he found the baby near death. They took him to the hospital where he was admitted to intensive care and given blood due to malnutrition and anemia.  God helped us bring him back to health. The father has denied paternity. Today Kevin is a feisty little boy! He is full of energy and personality! The mother aborted two other babies. She brags about it in the village. We thank God that Kevin is alive and was not aborted. God has a special plan for him.  When he is at the table he does not eat from his own plate and instead eats from his from friend’s plates. He loves to jump up and down all the time like a little Kangaroo. He is always on the move and climbing on things all the time.

Bryan Wambirye was born July 6, 2011.  His parents are very young.  Sonrise is helping the mother by taking care of Bryan so she can finish school and obtain a skill so that one day she can take care of Bryan on her own.  I can’t tell you how many trips he makes around the house and inside the house (he loves to walk and explore!). He loves to play with trucks. He has a good appetite except when he gets sick. When he first came from his village he used to be fearful of the cars but now he loves them a lot! Such a happy boy. 

Andrew Serugo was born October 3, 2011.  Andrew's mother was raped and had a little girl. She then went to live with an aunt who then sold her to a man. She and the man had Andrew and then he grew tired of her and didn't want her anymore. She then went to another aunt. The Uncle told her, when the aunt wasn't around, that if she wanted to stay she would have to sleep with him when he wanted. She left with Andrew and found Sonrise Children's Home. She asked Ivan for a job and he gave her one as an Auntie to help take care of all the children. Andrew joined the home at that point as a baby. When Andrew was almost 2 years old, his mother decided to leave Sonrise and abandoned him there. We don't know where the mother is. Andrew is a sweet little boy who is content to just sit in your lap. 

Trust Asonga was born December 20, 2007

Trust was approximately 3 years old when he came to Sonrise. Trust comes from a very abusive home. His father is a very large and tall man who abused Trust's mother and his sibling. His mother works very hard in the gardens growing food to earn money for her family however his father sells the food and keeps the profits for himself. Trust’s mother used to take him with her to the gardens while she worked and leave him sitting by himself all day. Some days she would leave him at home in the care of the older children. Trust’s mother wants to find a job to get away from the father. She works very hard and is very desperate to find something better for herself and her children. She has two children from a previous marriage but was forced to give them to her father to raise because Trust’s father said they couldn’t live in his house. Trust’s mother desperately wants to keep him and care for him him. She took Trust to Sonrise and begged for a job, but the wage that Damali (at the baby home) was able to pay at the time was not enough to support the rest of her family and could put Sonrise in danger because of the abusive father. Damili took Trust in at that point but could not give his mother a job. Trust is an extremely easy going boy with a huge grin. He was always falling and getting scrapes because he was not so steady on his feet. He understands English and was the best out of all the babies. His favorite time of day is meal time and he always finished in record time with most of his meals all over him. Trust is growing up fast and has a contagious laugh. He loves singing in the Sonrise Children's Choir.

Gerold Muzungu was born October 18, 2008.  

Gerald's dad is very ill and because of this he has not be able to work for a very long time. It has been very difficult for his wife because she could not stay with him since he was always sick. This caused many fights between them. Gerald's mom abandoned them. She said that she could not stay with a man who was so very sick and who could not provide for them. She left him alone with Gerald (two years old) and his younger sister, Jolie (nine months old). The couple is Rwandese. Sonrise decided to help the babies because they were caught up in a terrible situation and could become malnourished. Jolie is now doing well at Sonrise Baby Home and Gerald at the Children's Home. Gerald has a big laugh and a big imagination! 

Musa Kayumba  was born January 10, 2010.

Sonrise first learned of baby Musa from someone at another orphanage. We were told that his mother had died sometime after giving birth to him and there was no one capable of caring for him in the village where he lived. When we went to the village to get Musa, they were in the midst of burial ceremonies for his mother. Musa was in the hospital at that time, sick with malaria. Although Musa was not premature, he was a very tiny baby. We discovered that for the first week of Musa’s life, his aunties in the village had given him mostly water to drink and very little milk. Therefore, he lost whatever weight he had when he was born.  He has a hearty appetite and has gained a lot of weight and is happy, strong boy!

Michael Kayigwa was born December 24, 2009.  

Micheal's mom died from HIV/AIDS. Before she died the HIV/AIDS went to her brain and she became schizophrenic. His grandmother also suffers from HIV/AIDS and is severely bedridden most of the time. She could not keep Micheal because she could not provide for him at all. A neighbor was helping to buy milk for Micheal but could not continue to help out anymore. Sonrise took Micheal in to provide him with the help that he needed. He is growing up so fastand is a shy boy. Likes to play with trucks.    

Paul Osele was born March 16, 2008.  

Paul's mother passed away around October 20th of 2010. His father is a drunkard and didn't care about Paul or his mother. He was trying to starve Paul so he would not have to worry about feeding him. An elderly lady that lived nearby took Paul in temporarily hoping to find another place to take him where he would be cared for. She was given some milk by some well wishers in the village but she could not afford to continue taking care of him for very long. Sonrise Baby Home admitted Paul. He was always crying at first and very sad but he is now a very happy boy. At first we thought he could not walk but after several months he began to grow and slowly walk. We praise God for the love and care that he has been able to receive at Sonrise and that he recovered quickly.

Isimael Kaziba was born August 14, 2009.  

When Isimael was found in the village, he had been neglected by his stepmom. She did not feed him enough and did nothing to help him. When we found him he was covered in sores and just starving. We tested for several diseases and thank the Lord that he was not sick. He loves to eat and with much prayers and love, he is now a healthy little boy running around the Children's home.

Mugisha Enoch was born February 11, 2008.  

Mugisha's Mom currently works at Sonrise Baby Home. She was living with her boyfriend until he ran off after he realized she was pregnant. Mugisha is growing up to be a strong boy and is enjoying school.

Mugisha’s mother was in a bad home situation. Her husband was married to two women and not taking care of her and Mugisha. She decided it was best to leave him and find a better life for her and her child. She went looking for work at Sonrise Baby Home. After talking to Damali (director) she was given a full time job caring for the babies. With the little money she was making she was sending Mugisha to a school in the slums that was not very good and was having a hard time taking care of him. Ivan and Damali talked to the mother and decided that since she was working so hard at the baby home to try to provide for him, to let Mugisha come and live with the Sonrise Children’s Home and receive a better home situation and education. Since that time, Mugisha is much healthier, happier, and doing so well in school. He is growing up to be such a strong young man and we pray each day that he will come to know the Lord.


Joseph Oyango was born April 21, 2007.  

Joseph was approximately 5 years old when he was brought to Sonrise in 2012. Although most children at the Children`s home first go through Sonrise Baby Home, Joseph was different from all the other children`s stories. He is not an orphan, but a victim of rejection by both parents when he was about 2 years old. Sonrise’s Social worker, Emma, went to Mayuge after one of the volunteers, Stacey, was visiting a river bank in Mayuge with a team and she heard about Joseph`s situation. Stacey saw a malnourished boy looking very sick.  She was  concerned and wanted to know more about him. Joseph was very sick with malaria and living with a family he was not related to. Stacey mentioned this in the debrief and she requested that Damali, Baby Home Director, agree to let Joseph come to Sonrise. Emma went to the village and indeed Joseph`s story was very true and needed to be helped.  Due to the age, Joseph could not stay at the Babie's Home so the only option was going to Children's home.  Joseph was treated for the malaria and is doing wonderful now. He is a healthy, happy boy. He loves cheesing for the cameras.

(Junior) Nicolus Kibuka was born May 8, 2007.

His sister, Catherine is also in the children's home with him. Brothers and Sisters are a special gift from God and one that should never be taken for granted. Junior was around 2 years when he came to Sonrise Baby Home. He came from a village where his family was very poor. His mother died sometime after Junior was born, so he and sister Cathy were raised by their father. Cathy and Junior's father and Uncle were very close and lived next door to each other. Their children grew up together, although their uncle's children were much older. Shortly thereafter Cathy and Junior's father died, they were left in the care of their uncle. They were very close to him and even called him father. At night, they slept in a hut by themselves because the Uncle left often. They were left alone most of the time with very little adult supervision. Because they were all alone in the house by themselves, Cathy and Junior always slept together on the mud floors. Rats infested the hut and would eat Junior`s little feet during the night. When he arrived at Sonrise the bottoms of his feet were badly beaten and scarred. Both Cathy and Junior were very malnourished as they were always left with very little food and no milk at all. God is watching over Junior's precious life and He loves him. Junior is following his sisters footsteps and he loves learning. 

Ian Etomet was born October 11,  2006

Ian, our little man, was approximately four years old when he came to Sonrise. He was born to very young parents. When his mother learned that she was pregnant, she claimed that she knew the father but the boy absolutely denied it. The girl was poor and could not keep Ian, so she took Ian to his paternal grandmother’s house because she knew that the woman’s son was Ian’s father. Since there was no one else to care for Ian, the grandmother took him in even though she was still not sure that Ian was her son’s child. Although she wasn’t breastfeeding at the time, the grandmother began breastfeeding Ian to try to provide him with some milk and nourishment. She breastfed him up until he came to sonrise at 4 years old.  The grandmother and her family took fairly good care of Ian, although we suspect that he was left to fend for himself quite often. The older Ian got, the more he didn’t resemble the father’s family and they wanted to give him away. God brought him to Sonrise where he is loved and truly wanted. Ian now has a place where he belongs.

Godwin Kamali was born March 4, 2006.

Godwins mother was Aids positive and her health was declining fast. Her husband committed incest and ran off with his brother’s daughter of 15 years old. After leaving his wife, Godwin’s mother became very ill. Before the father left he sold the land they owned and the house. She was left to stay with neighbors. Someone at the Aids clinic brought this lady and her two children to Sonrise for help. Godwin is growing up to be a strong boy. He loves helping out and laughing.  Godwin's sister Kirabo also lives with Sonrise Children's Home. 

Randy Moore was born December 15, 2008.

Randy was one and a half years old when he came to Sonrise Baby Home. His mom first tried to abandon him at an aunties place but the auntie could not  care of him.  After this, his mother left him with an old woman in the village. This woman is a traditional birth attendant so sometimes women take abandon their babies with her. The lady was so poor and could only feed Randy on very poor quality foods. Randy became very malnourished and his body was greatly  swollen. While visiting in the villages we found Randy seated alone on the veranda. He was so hungry. We asked the neighbor the whole story and she told us about him. She said they didn’t expect him to survive and they suspected that he had a chronic disease because he was too small for his age. He is doing very well with Sonrise. He came to us with a lot of complications but his swelling has gone down completely.  He craves love and attention since he received none from his mother. He is a very happy boy. We praise God for his life. because of being so malnourished.

Matthew Kyeyune was born February 13, 2011.
Added to the home January 2014

Matthew's mother died from Malaria. All Matthew had was his mother and when she died he was passed from house to house because no one could afford an extra mouth to feed. Matthew came to the Sonrise Baby Home in March of 2013.  In January of 2014 moved over to the Sonrise Children’s Home.  He is flourishing and has the most contagious laugh! He loves playing with toy cars and loves to eat. He can eat as much food as a grown man. He is a big boy though and growing really fast. He loves it when we go for walk around the village. When its bedtime he plays a lot in his bed until he eventually drifts off to sleep.  He has his favorite clothes and only wants to be dressed in those.

Phillip Waninga was born March 16, 2011.
Added to the home January 2014

Phillip's father left to find work at one of the Lake Victoria fishing villages and never returned. Phillip's mother grew tired of waiting for him to return and abandoned Phillip with his crippled grandfather. The old crippled grandfather couldn’t farm the land to feed Phillip let alone taking care of himself. Because of poor hygiene, jiggers (bugs that enter the skin and are very painful) began to eat Phillip up. He also became malnourished and was very sick.  Phillip now lives in the Sonrise Children’s Home after being cared for by the Sonrise Baby Home for some time.  Phillip loves to sing church songs with his friends. He loves to be helpful so when you send him to bring something, he gladly does it. He is shy, smart and has a good memory. He always will report to the auntie’s when someone is mistreating one of his friends.  He does not have a good appetite so we struggle to make him eat enough.

Nathan Okameri was born August 30, 2010
Added to the home January 2014

Nathan's mom left him soon after giving birth and never returned. Nathan's father has other children and earns less than a dollar a day making charcoal, a main commodity in this region of Uganda.  This left no one to care for Nathan. Because of lack of food he got kwashiorkor a form of malnutrition that occurs when there is not enough protein in the diet, exemplified by yellow hair, distended stomach and boney legs. So the local village authority called Damali, Director of the Sonrise Baby Home.  She agreed to take him in. Nathan now is a healthy young boy and loves to eat.  He really loves playing with trucks outside. If we let him, he can eat 3 plates of food. His favorite song is Nathan Mukwano gwa Yesu (Nathan is a friend of Jesus).

Luke Waiswa Emma was born November 30, 2010.
Added to the home January 2014

Luke and his sister Rebecca came to Sonrise Baby Home very malnourished through The Aids Support Organization (TASO).  Their mother was dying of Aids.  The father denied the paternity and did not help in raising the children or their mother.  He is a wonderful growing young man who loves to pretend to be reading. He loves to play with his friends outside, go for walks, and always has a big wide smile.  Luke and his sister now live with the Sonrise Children’s Home.