Bonan Emmanuel


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Bonan Emmanuel was born December 31, 2012

Bonan was born by caesarian section and his mother passed away a few hours after the operation. Bonan’s father was not able to care for him.   We rescued Bonan.  He is such a good baby! Bonan hardly ever cries and is the easiest baby to care for.  We thank God for Bonan’s life and look forward to the day he will be reunited with his father should this become possible. Bonan is such a laid back young boy.  He now has 8 teeth. He likes to be in the room with other babies. If he is in there alone he will throw a fit. He loves Venus a lot (Damili’s child). He loves to play in a bucket of water. He is beginning to talk. His favorite word is Taya (Light), Teya meaning Stella.