Doreen Tibaisanya


Doreen Tibaisanya– birthdate September 28, 2009

Doreen’s father passed away leaving her and her sisters, Patience and Susan, in the care of their mother. The mother remarried a man that already had many children. Stepchildren are not treated well in Uganda and most are like outcasts. The stepfather said he couldn’t care for the girls financially or physically because he had many others to take care of first. So the children were brought to a ministry in town for care. That ministry had to close down in 2015 due to unforeseen reasons. The director contacted Ivan and Melissa Mukulu and asked them to take the children in so they wouldn’t have to go back to their bad conditions in the village. Sonrise Children’s home agreed to accept Doreen and her two sisters. Please pray for them that they will adjust well at Sonrise and that they will come to know and love the Lord one day.