Ian Etomet 


Ian Etomet was born October 11,  2006

Ian, our little man, was approximately four years old when he came to Sonrise. He was born to very young parents. When his mother learned that she was pregnant, she claimed that she knew the father but the boy absolutely denied it. The girl was poor and could not keep Ian, so she took Ian to his paternal grandmother’s house because she knew that the woman’s son was Ian’s father. Since there was no one else to care for Ian, the grandmother took him in even though she was still not sure that Ian was her son’s child. Although she wasn’t breastfeeding at the time, the grandmother began breastfeeding Ian to try to provide him with some milk and nourishment. She breastfed him up until he came to sonrise at 4 years old.  The grandmother and her family took fairly good care of Ian, although we suspect that he was left to fend for himself quite often. The older Ian got, the more he didn’t resemble the father’s family and they wanted to give him away. God brought him to Sonrise where he is loved and truly wanted. Ian now has a place where he belongs.