Joseph Oyango


Joseph Oyango was born April 21, 2007.  

Joseph was approximately 5 years old when he was brought to Sonrise in 2012. Although most children at the Children`s home first go through Sonrise Baby Home, Joseph was different from all the other children`s stories. He is not an orphan, but a victim of rejection by both parents when he was about 2 years old. Sonrise’s Social worker, Emma, went to Mayuge after one of the volunteers, Stacey, was visiting a river bank in Mayuge with a team and she heard about Joseph`s situation. Stacey saw a malnourished boy looking very sick.  She was  concerned and wanted to know more about him. Joseph was very sick with malaria and living with a family he was not related to. Stacey mentioned this in the debrief and she requested that Damali, Baby Home Director, agree to let Joseph come to Sonrise. Emma went to the village and indeed Joseph`s story was very true and needed to be helped.  Due to the age, Joseph could not stay at the Babie's Home so the only option was going to Children's home.  Joseph was treated for the malaria and is doing wonderful now. He is a healthy, happy boy. He loves cheesing for the cameras.