Nicholas Kibuka (Junior)

Junior was born May 8, 2007.

His sister, Catherine is also in the children's home with him. Brothers and Sisters are a special gift from God and one that should never be taken for granted. Junior was around 2 years when he came to Sonrise Baby Home. He came from a village where his family was very poor. His mother died sometime after Junior was born, so he and sister Cathy were raised by their father. Cathy and Junior's father and Uncle were very close and lived next door to each other. Their children grew up together, although their uncle's children were much older. Shortly thereafter Cathy and Junior's father died, they were left in the care of their uncle. They were very close to him and even called him father. At night, they slept in a hut by themselves because the Uncle left often. They were left alone most of the time with very little adult supervision. Because they were all alone in the house by themselves, Cathy and Junior always slept together on the mud floors. Rats infested the hut and would eat Junior`s little feet during the night. When he arrived at Sonrise the bottoms of his feet were badly beaten and scarred. Both Cathy and Junior were very malnourished as they were always left with very little food and no milk at all. God is watching over Junior's precious life and He loves him. Junior is following his sisters footsteps and he loves learning.