Kevin Lukudde


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Kevin Lukudde was born August 26, 2011.  

A young mother gave birth to a boy in a nearby slum. The mother refused to feed him and she beat him evan as a newborn. She had the symptoms of postpartum depression and she didn’t like the baby.  A neighbor called Sonrise in hopes that might help the tiny malnourished boy.  Pastor Ivan went to the village to check on the baby where he found the baby near death. They took him to the hospital where he was admitted to intensive care and given blood due to malnutrition and anemia.  God helped us bring him back to health. The father has denied paternity. Today Kevin is a feisty little boy! He is full of energy and personality! The mother aborted two other babies. She brags about it in the village. We thank God that Kevin is alive and was not aborted. God has a special plan for him.  When he is at the table he does not eat from his own plate and instead eats from his from friend’s plates. He loves to jump up and down all the time like a little Kangaroo. He is always on the move and climbing on things all the time.