Kirabo Mukasekanyana


Kirabo Mukasekanyana was born November 29, 2010
Added to the home January 2014

Kirabo and her brother Godwin were abandoned by their father, leaving them with their mother who was very sick with Aids.  Before he left, he sold their home and property leaving the two kids and their mother to move in with their neighbors. Mom was in and out of the hospital.  The Aids clinic brought them to Sonrise Baby Home for help, which admitted the two children. Both Kirabo and Godwin now live in Sonrise Children’s Home.  Kirabo is extremely obedient and a little “diva.” For example, if you tell her sit, she will not get up unless you tell her and she loves dressing up for church, insisting that she have her nice clothes and shoes.  She loves reading books and pretending that she is reading the Bible.  Kirabo enjoys being cuddled; she is a very sensitive and loving child.