Miko Babirye


Miko Babirye was born June 25, 2007.  

In July, 2009 Damali (Baby Home Director) and a team from Canada were giving out family kits in a village one day. When they arrived at one of the homes, Damali saw many little children sitting on the floor. The children looked malnourished and terribly unhealthy. Damali talked to the woman who lived there and was told that the children were not her own, but orphans. Damali was drawn to the little baby named Babirye (Miko) as she was in such a sad state. She looked so malnourished with a distended stomach, yellowed hair, and bad skin. The woman told Damali that Babirye's mother and father had both died of HIV Aids. Within a day's time all the necessities were in place and Miko was brought to Sonrise Babies Home. Since Miko arrived at Sonrise, she has grown and filled out into a healthy, happy little girl. She is a mischievous little girl and loves to laugh!