Mugisha Enoch


Mugisha Enoch was born February 11, 2008.  

Mugisha's mother currently works at Sonrise Baby Home. She was living with her boyfriend until he ran off after he realized she was pregnant. Mugisha is growing up to be a strong boy and is enjoying school.

Mugisha’s mother was in a bad home situation. Her husband was married to two women and not taking care of her and Mugisha. She decided it was best to leave him and find a better life for her and her child. She went looking for work at Sonrise Baby Home. After talking to Damali (director) she was given a full time job caring for the babies. With the little money she was making she was sending Mugisha to a school in the slums that was not very good and was having a hard time taking care of him. Ivan and Damali talked to the mother and decided that since she was working so hard at the baby home to try to provide for him, to let Mugisha come and live with the Sonrise Children’s Home and receive a better home situation and education. Since that time, Mugisha is much healthier, happier, and doing so well in school. He is growing up to be such a strong young man and we pray each day that he will come to know the Lord.