Nathan Okameri


Nathan Okameri was born August 30, 2010

Nathan's mom left him soon after giving birth and never returned. Nathan's father has other children and earns less than a dollar a day making charcoal, a main commodity in this region of Uganda.  This left no one to care for Nathan. Because of lack of food he got kwashiorkor a form of malnutrition that occurs when there is not enough protein in the diet, exemplified by yellow hair, distended stomach and boney legs. So the local village authority called Damali, Director of the Sonrise Baby Home.  She agreed to take him in. Nathan now is a healthy young boy and loves to eat.  He really loves playing with trucks outside. If we let him, he can eat 3 plates of food. His favorite song is Nathan Mukwano gwa Yesu (Nathan is a friend of Jesus).