Patrick Muwaguzi


Patrick, birthdate April 18, 2012

Patrick was brought to Sonrise mid February 2015 by an elderly lady and man on a boda boda (motorcycle taxi ). Patrick looked a lot like that boda boda man but he was very quick to deny that he was not the father. They were both so desperate to get rid of this poor boy. It broke our heart to see how desperate these two were willing to get rid of him. We gave the old woman an option of keeping the child and we would support her to care for Patrick but she just wanted to be free of him. He had so many jiggers in his feet but we dug all of them out and he is recovering.  I know many people have the thinking that all African people are loving parents but just poor but in some cases some people just want to get rid of there babies. Since they didn't want him, we want him. We will keep him and show him lots of love.