Phillip Waninga


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Phillip Waninga was born March 16, 2011.

Phillip's father left to find work at one of the Lake Victoria fishing villages and never returned. Phillip's mother grew tired of waiting for him to return and abandoned Phillip with his crippled grandfather. The old crippled grandfather couldn’t farm the land to feed Phillip let alone taking care of himself. Because of poor hygiene, jiggers (bugs that enter the skin and are very painful) began to eat Phillip up. He also became malnourished and was very sick.  Phillip now lives in the Sonrise Children’s Home after being cared for by the Sonrise Baby Home for some time.  Phillip loves to sing church songs with his friends. He loves to be helpful so when you send him to bring something, he gladly does it. He is shy, smart and has a good memory. He always will report to the auntie’s when someone is mistreating one of his friends.  He does not have a good appetite so we struggle to make him eat enough.