Randy Moore


Randy Moore was born December 15, 2008.

Randy was one and a half years old when he came to Sonrise Baby Home. His mom first tried to abandon him at an aunties place but the auntie could not  care of him.  After this, his mother left him with an old woman in the village. This woman is a traditional birth attendant so sometimes women take abandon their babies with her. The lady was so poor and could only feed Randy on very poor quality foods. Randy became very malnourished and his body was greatly  swollen. While visiting in the villages we found Randy seated alone on the veranda. He was so hungry. We asked the neighbor the whole story and she told us about him. She said they didn’t expect him to survive and they suspected that he had a chronic disease because he was too small for his age. He is doing very well with Sonrise. He came to us with a lot of complications but his swelling has gone down completely.  He craves love and attention since he received none from his mother. He is a very happy boy. We praise God for his life. because of being so malnourished.