Shamina Nakato


Shamina Nakato and her twin Shakira Babirye were born May 26, 2011. 

Their mother came to Sonrise for help after being abandoned in a slum by her husband. Shakira and Shamina were the youngest of several children and were quickly becoming malnourished. Their mother shared with Sonrise that she considered drowning them or throwing them in a latrine. They were about one and a half years old when we took them in but they could not walk or crawl. They have since gained weight and doing well. We are praying that one day their mothers’ condition will get better and we can reunite her with these precious children.   Shakira hates bedtime. She loves to be held. Her favorite song is Nange Shakira Akamuli akato (Even me Shakira a little flower of Jesus).  Shamina also loves to give hugs and is always smiling.  She loves to play with baby Ryan, one of the other children at Sonrise. She is always singing to baby Ryan. She loves to put on her shoes so that she can go for walk. Her favorite song is Baby Jesus. Please pray for these two precious children.