Sharif (Rasta) Wandela


Sharif (Rasta) Wandela was born July 27, 2011.

Rasta's mom faced mental problems after his birth and never breast fed him. They lived on a Lake Victoria island where most are HIV positive. Rasta's dad is positive and we are unsure about his mom. Due to his mom not being able to care for him, he was staying with his grandmother but the grandmother could not care for him. Rasta was starving and severely malnourished. Someone noticed him and told Damali (Sonrise Baby Home Director) about him, and he was admitted to Sonrise. He is now growing, healthy young boy.  Rasta thinks that he is every babies twin! So whenever he is playing with David (another boy at the home) he says that the twins are playing, referring to himself and David. Whenever its devotion time and the Auntie responsible for him is still in the room, he will say, “Faith go sing. It’s for devotions”. He knows all the sounds of the Sonrise vans. Whenever one of them is coming he will know if its Mommy’s Van or Uncle Ivan’s van before he even sees it. Rasta has so much love to share.