Sheila Akello


Sheila Akello was born February 10, 2011.

Sheila's Mom is HIV positive and was breastfeeding Sheila until she was 4 months old. Sonrise reached out to help Sheila and her sister Bethany because the mother has ten other children and was not able to take care for them. Sheila and Bethany are both doing well at Sonrise.  We praise the Lord for these two sweet babies. Sheila is a playful little girl. She loves climbing on everything and anything. Shelia hates bedtime with a passion. She loves her bottle even though we have tried to get her to stop using it many times. She always sneaks the other babies bottles. She has her favorite clothes and other clothes she refuses to wear. She will cry until you change it to her favorite clothes! Such a princess! She so wants to share her love with others.