Stella Mubugumya


Stella Mubugumya was born February 10, 2009

18 year worker at Sonrise, had a baby named Stella. Baby Stella suffered many illnesses.  She was a bit delayed in developmentally because of the lack of medical care. When Julia found out she was pregnant, Stella’s father ran away and left Julia. They have not heard from father since. At one time Julia thought of aborting baby Stella but then she decided to keep her. She had been struggling to support baby Stella and herself ever since. They had been living deep in the village where there was little access to food and medicine. Julia really appreciated her job at Sonrise and is very dedicated and is so thankful to be part of the Sonrise family. Stella has grown up to be a happy healthy little girl. She is right where she needs to be in her development. We praise God for her!