Trust Asonga


Trust Asonga was born December 20, 2007

Trust was approximately 3 years old when he came to Sonrise. Trust comes from a very abusive home. His father is a very large and tall man who abused Trust's mother and his sibling. His mother works very hard in the gardens growing food to earn money for her family however his father sells the food and keeps the profits for himself. Trust’s mother used to take him with her to the gardens while she worked and leave him sitting by himself all day. Some days she would leave him at home in the care of the older children. Trust’s mother wants to find a job to get away from the father. She works very hard and is very desperate to find something better for herself and her children. She has two children from a previous marriage but was forced to give them to her father to raise because Trust’s father said they couldn’t live in his house. Trust’s mother desperately wants to keep him and care for him him. She took Trust to Sonrise and begged for a job, but the wage that Damali (at the baby home) was able to pay at the time was not enough to support the rest of her family and could put Sonrise in danger because of the abusive father. Damili took Trust in at that point but could not give his mother a job. Trust is an extremely easy going boy with a huge grin. He was always falling and getting scrapes because he was not so steady on his feet. He understands English and was the best out of all the babies. His favorite time of day is meal time and he always finished in record time with most of his meals all over him. Trust is growing up fast and has a contagious laugh. He loves singing in the Sonrise Children's Choir.