Sam Mugoda


Sam was born Aug 2, 2012

A nurse with the Jinja Aids Support Organization (TASO) called us about Sam. Sam’s mother has four children, the youngest being Sam. Sam’s mother is deathly ill and cannot take care of him and other relatives have distanced themselves from her because she has Tuberculosis (T.B.) for the second time and also full blown AIDS. The TASO nurse was concerned that little Sam may also contract T.B. The situation for Sam’s mom and her children is really desperate. They have nothing to eat. The older children move around the village hunting for fruits or anything that they can find to eat. The little money we had to transport Sam to Sonrise he ended up giving it to the family because they had not eaten since morning.  Sam is now at Sonrise. His feet were badly infected with jiggers which the Sonrise Aunties removed. Pray for a miracle healing so that Sam may be reunited with his mother at some future date. It breaks my heart to separate them but we must protect Sam from contracting T.B and allow his mother to get better. The saddest part was that when we accepted baby Sam, Sam’s mother said “Now I can die in peace knowing that my baby is fine”.