John Mark


Birthdate July 4, 2014

John’s mother was a 13 year old orphan and was raped by her doctor who was supposed to have been treating her at the time. Her story was all over the news at the time. Another doctor who had heard about Sonrise called us and explained the situation. Said that the girl would not be able to give birth naturally and will be given a cesarean section for free. She has come to terms on what has happened to her and considered keeping the baby if it was a girl. When she delivered and found out it was a boy she couldn't take him because he looked like the man who raped her. Baby John Mark is with us at Sonrise now and we are counseling with the mother. We are encouraging her to come and visit her son so that maybe one day she will fall in love with him and be reunited. She has come once since the birth and was handed her son so that she can see how cute, big, and healthy he is getting. Please continue to pray for this young girl who is dealing with so much.