Anna Angole


Anna Angole - birthdate November 2002

She was abandoned by her parents, and then her dad died shortly after. She was taken care of by a neighbor whom she called “auntie”. The auntie would rent her to people to take Anna to Kampala to beg for money. Anna was already lame in her legs from a disease when she was younger. The people that rented her would beat her head until she bled to make people feel sorry for her when she was begging for money to get the money. She was later hit by a boda (motorcycle – Ugandan taxi) which caused damaged to one of her legs and now can’t walk right. She needs medical help. When she returned to the auntie, she would always beat her more. Anna had had enough and ran away to the streets of Jinja where she was found. She has scars to this day on her body. Because of the beatings, she is a little slow with her learning. She happy at her new home and doesn’t get sick anymore. Since coming to Mirembe, she has heard of the love of Jesus and now knows him personally!