Annette Anyera


Annette Anyera - birthdate February 2002

After Annette's dad died, she stayed with her mother. Her mother had no job and was always drunk. She couldn’t afford to pay for food or school for her children. Because of the living conditions, her big sister went to find someone to marry to take care of her. They got married at an early age and had a baby. The mother would get drunk, beat her, and sometimes chase her out of the house.  Annette then went to the streets to find food and would sleep in streets as well. Since coming to Mirembe, she has heard of the love of Jesus and now knows him personally! She loves her mom and has since forgiven her for everything.  She is not doing well in school at this time. We are working with Annette to develop some work skills. She is happy to be here at the home.