Kobusingye Swabra

July 2018, just after surgery

Swabra, 14 years of age, was a student at the Mirembe Nursery and Primary School in 2018 when an already difficult life became more difficult.  While traveling back to school from her village she fell off a boda (motorcycle) and thrown into traffic was run over by a speeding truck.  Friends of Sonrise stepped in and met the need of the mounting medical bills, while trying to provide the best care they could secure in a less than adequate medical system.

Days after the accident it became necessary to remove her right arm.  Recuperation was long and hard for Swabra and those caring for her.

Later we found out that her dad had abandoned her and all her sisters and mom but their mom had no job so we had to bring her into our home to continue the rescue.

Please pray for Swabra and being a sponsor for her care at Mirembe Cottage.

She is blind in one eye (probably from birth).

Your support for Swabra and others like her at MIrembe are so critical to the people of Uganda. Prayers for Swabra are appreciated.