Uganda lies at the equator in eastern Africa at an average altitude of about 1,100 meters above sea-level. The total geographic area is about 236,500 square kilometers or 146,955 square miles.

We are bordered by the Republic of South Sudan to the north, the Republic of Kenya to the east, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, and the United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Rwanda to the south.

With a population of 34.5 million people (in 2011), Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, having a per capita income of under US $170.  


Life expectancy for men and women is one of the lowest in the world. AIDS is a significant cause of death and illness among young children; thus, the already high infant- and child-mortality rates can be expected to rise. Among children under five, who account for over half of hospital deaths, the main killers are malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, and malnutrition. Malaria has been found to be the principal killer among adults admitted to hospitals; while diarrhea, pneumonia, and anemia are almost as common as AIDS as reported primary causes of death.  


City of Jinja

Jinja lies in southeastern Uganda, approximately 87 kilometers by road (54 miles) east of the Uganda capital city of Kampala.  The town is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near to the source of the Nile River. The nearby Owen Falls Dam regulates the flow of the White Nile and generates electricity. Jinja is the largest metropolitan area in Jinja District and is considered the capital of the Kingdom of Busoga.

The closest major airport to Jinja is Entebbe International Airport  (EBB / HUEN). This airport is in Entebbe, Uganda and is approximately 121 km (75 miles) from the center of Jinja, Uganda.  The drive can take several hours.

The Villages

Our orphanages and church are located in the heart of Jinja, with the people.  With the help of our visiting ministry teams, we travel to schools and distant villages to include the islands of Lake Victoria where we share the love of Jesus.  You are invited to come along. Click here to contact us.