Help a Child Get An Education 


Construction is nearing completion of our new Mirembe School.  Besides providing a place to educate our younger Mirembe Cottage girls, we are making a way for local village children to get an education, some for the first time.

The school opened on February 5, 2018, with 270 enrolled.  We currently employ 15 teachers and staff members, a very talented group of people.

Mirembe School Under Construction (photo, late 2017)

Mirembe School Under Construction (photo, late 2017)

Help us provide an education for the village children, preschool to 7th grade, that live near our new school in Wakikoola, Uganda.

Fifteen dollars per month will educate 1 child.   This will provide teacher's salaries, breakfast and lunch, uniforms, school supplies, and school maintenance.

Please enter the number of children to be sponsored per month and complete the form. 

The school is under the management of Daniel Awali. 

To clarify!  This page and sponsorship form is for the sponsorship of village children, not Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls children.  If you are looking to sponsor one of our Mirembe Girls, click here.

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$15 per month will educate one child