Sept 2017

You have the tremendous opportunity to be an active part in the lives of our children through prayer and financial partnership.   We offer sponsorships to

  1. allow you to build a relationship with a specific child through prayer and love
  2. help in providing housing, education, meals, medical care and clothing for the children

We offer several levels of sponsorships, $30 through $120 a month.  Consider sponsoring a child and becoming a long term prayer supporter for a child and their family.  Your monthly gift of $30 will change a life forever. 

Note:  It is becoming increasingly more difficult with each year of operation that we often fall short financially.  This is why we rely on additional financial contributions beyond child sponsorships.  Praise God for our visiting team members support by hand delivering hundreds of pounds of material goods as a supplement to our needs.  Everything is utilized!  You are invited to visit us in Uganda to see first hand how we strive to be used by God in rescuing the vulnerable.

Please click on the links below to read our children's stories and prayerfully consider sponsoring. 

              :: Our Boys        :: Our Girls 

Current Sponsors:  If you are currently sponsoring a child but your PayPal subscription has been terminated because of an inactive credit card number or for other reasons please click here to initiate a new sponsorship subscription.