A growing church!

by Melissa Mukulu

Our worship center has moved! This is a huge blessing. Everyone was not able to fit under the old shelter with many sitting on the ground around the shelter. Through prayer, we decided to move the worship center off the Children's Home property and to another lot down the road where more people can see where we are. We ordered the tent in town for the new church. While it was being made, the church went on a few day fast to pray over that land and tent. After much prayer, God said that was not the land the church needed to be on. We found another piece of land two lots from the Sonrise Baby Home for less rent and the perfect space! Praise God! The tent was finished and being delivered. Last Tuesday the tent started going up. Thursday the worship center was being torn down. Bittersweet moment. 

We would like to thank everyone who prayed and gave financially for us to buy the tent and rent the land! It is a blessing to be here and we have room to grow. Sept. 1st was our first Sunday in the new worship center and we had a great turn out. Had eight visitors and a couple people came to know the Lord that day. Thankful for a pastor who teaches the Word!  And so thankful for those that help through the years to support our church and the old structure.  A growing church is a great experience!