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Mirembe Joanne, Home Manager

Mirembe Joanne, Home Manager

Director Daniel Awali

Director Daniel Awali

Prayer And Financial Needs

There are so many physical and spiritual needs that must be met in raising our girls in a wholesome, safe and healthy environment.  First and for-most, please pray with us in these needs and that everything we plan and do is accomplished according to the glory of God.

Items Needed to Complete the New Mirembe Cottage Complex    (updated Dec 2017)

1.  Complete our New Home

15 bunk bed sets (30 beds) $3,900
Kitchen supplies $500
Light bulbs $300
8 Auntie bed sets $1,200
Outside latrines $10,000
Sofas, shelving, curtains, tables $20,000
Refrigerators $2,000
Solar Power System $20,000

2. School Block
           Student desks/chairs $5,000
           Teacher desks/chairs $1,000
           Solar power $8,000
           Black board paint $200
           Student storage cubbies $2,000
           Supply cabinets $1,200
           Latrines $6,000
           Painting $2,000
           Ceilings $10,000

3.  Sewing House
Solar system $2,000

4.  Kitchen house / supplies - $15,000

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