Through our building projects --Mirembe Cottage and the village school, we want to show the community Jesus and give them the hope of eternal life with Him.   Through education, we desire to give them the power to change their world and hopefully, with God, to break the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.

In 2011, Daniel Mugoda Awali began Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls, after seeing the need of girls who were living on the streets, being abused, eating out of garbage piles, etc.  The small four-bedroom rental house is currently home to 27 young ladies, ranging in age from 9-19.   

2015 - The girls praying over the new land, asking God to provide for the construction of their new home.

2015 - The girls praying over the new land, asking God to provide for the construction of their new home.

Towards the end of 2015, four acres of land were purchased in Wakikoola Village, outside of Jinga, Uganda, to build "a home to call their own," as well as a village school.   In March, 2016, the first shovel of dirt was dug for the project.  Upon completion of Phase 1, the home will house up to 42 girls; the completion of Phase 2 will bring the total to 70.   Daniel receives calls weekly from the police who are looking for a home for abandoned girls, but he has to turn them down due to space.   We are looking forward to having the home complete so we can provide a safe, loving environment for girls with no home. 

The Phase 1 project of the home includes eight bedrooms, one of which will house the aunties, with seven remaining for the girls.  Each bedroom has its own private bathroom, which is important as the girls grow older.

We were blessed with a large financial gift in December 2017 which allowed us to proceed with Phase II construction of our second floor or 8 more bedrooms.  Estimated completion around June 2018!


An eight-classroom Primary school has been constructed on our property.  



It will be the school for the Mirembe Cottage girls to attend, as well as a school for the children in the village.   The majority of the village children have had little to no education and are very excited for the February 2018 opening.

February 2018

February 2018

July 2017

July 2017



A church was started in September 2016, which is currently bringing the gospel to this 90% Muslim village.   Weekly attendance averages 100 people.   Recently, a team brought over a bleach making system, which when diluted makes safe drinking water.  The chlorine is distributed weekly at the end of church services.

Construction Goals

Phase 1

  • 8 bedroom girls home (complete)

  • 8 classroom school (nearing completion)

  • Building to house the sewing classes

  • Fencing for dairy cows (complete)

  • Deep water well

  • Solar power

  • Latrine for guests

Phase 2

  • Second story on girls' home, adding 8 bedrooms

  • Security fencing around girls' home

  • 15 passenger van

Phase 3

  • Open eating area for school

  • Medical clinic

  • Soccer field

  • Director's home

2018, 9 Sep 2018

Solar power!

Solar power!

2018, June 20, Near Complete

2018, April, Progress

Roofing being installed on 2nd floor

Roofing being installed on 2nd floor

2018, March, Progress

God had plans to add a second floor! :: Click to read more

God had plans to add a second floor! ::Click to read more

2017, Progress