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A 100% faith based ministry to rescue and save children in Uganda who are starving or vulnerable and seek to provide a loving and safe environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the ultimate goal being that they would know the saving love of Jesus Christ and grow in His grace. Sonrise Minitries, Inc., home office Mobile AL.


Babies Home - Babies

Below are the babies of the Sonrise Baby's Home and their life stories.  We believe these will tug on your heart-strings. Please read through their stories and before doing anything else, pray and then consider sponsorship. They need you in their lives to feed, cloth and provide medical care.

We offer several levels of monthly support; $30, $60, $90 and $120.  Click on the link below their story "Click Here to Sponsor".

Note: Subscriptions completed for the sponsorship of a child will occur on the same day of each of the following months until you cancel your subscription. If you have any questions, please email

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Baby Tracey was born Dec 23, 2016 to a 16 year old girl living along the Nile River.  The young mother has agreed to go back to school while the Sonrise Babies Home takes care of Baby Tracey.  Please consider helping this young mother receive the education she needs and Sonrise Babies Home in caring for Baby Tracey.

Tumwebaze Nangobi, was born May 2016.

Nangobi is the youngest of four children born on a Lake Victoria island fishing village. Her triplet brothers were born in Dec 2015. Their mother was abandoned by the children’s fathers so she moved in with her brother.  The mother being very ill and unable to nurse Nabaiga and was dying.  Sonrise Baby Home took the baby in and trying to nurse her back to health. 

Baby Matthew, birthdate unknown

A mother of 18 years was struggling to care for her son Matthew.  With the help of a caring lady who took them in Matthew is now about one year old. Matthew’s mother now has a job working for one of Sonrise Missionaries as a housekeeper and learning farming to help build a future for she and her son. During the day Matthew is cared for by the Sonrise Baby’s Home so his mom can work to provide, and learn skills for the future.  Please pray about supporting Matthew until his mother can provide for themselves.

Baby Eli, birthdate unknown

A baby boy, having been abandoned,  was taken by a caring elderly woman to the police.  With no one coming forward to claim the child Sonrise was called for help.  We have named him Eli with hopes that one day his mother will present herself and provide us more information. Please pray for Eli and for Sonrise as we strive to provide the care he needs.

Baby Prince, birthdate unknown

Abandoned and left at the Sonrise Baby's Home washing area compound on 5 August 2016.  Please consider sponsoring Prince and pray for his mother that she hopefully will come back for him someday. As of now we will do the best we can with the little resources we have.  Our home is at full capacity.

Daniel Iryama was born on June 25, 2016.

Daniel came to us severely malnourished from the village of Messee. The birthmother was not taking care of herself or Daniel. Sonrise Baby’s Home will care for Daniel with prayers that we may reunite with the birth mother at some point. Please pray for Daniel's mother that she will be able to reunited with Daniel and that he will gain the much needed weight.

Viany Lugombya was born March 31, 2016

Viany was born after a 3 day long labor, is the 8th child in the family. His mother dealt with diabetes and fought constant fatigue until she went into labor.  After mother and baby went home, Viany fell sick and was rushed to the hospital.  He was being nursed by his mother who also fell sick the following day and suddenly died.  Viany was still on medication at the children's hospital and was being fed on cow milk. Viany's dad is a farmer who works to provide for the children but he is not a well man.  Baby Viany's grandfather and grandmother are ill and were not able to give baby Viany the care he required.  Baby Viany was brought to Sonrise Baby’s Home by his grandfather. Please pray for Viany’s health because he was so tiny when he arrived at Sonrise.  

Sophie Mirembe was born August 8, 2013. (top)

Ryan Mubiru was born May 10, 2015 (bottom)

Sophie and her younger brother Ryan were abandoned by their mother. Their grandmother is sick and unable to care for the children.  Sonrise Baby’s Home was contacted and is now where Sophie and Ryan live.  We ask that you please pray for their mother as she is currently missing and unknown and pray for the grandmother as she really wants to raise her grandchildren, but is unable.   

Mercy Nabirye was born Oct 16, 2015

Mercy is an abortion survivor.   Mercy was malnourished when she was referred to Sonrise Baby's Home.   Mercy’s grandmother has come to visit her since being at Sonrise.  We ask that you please pray for Mercy.  She is a little fighter and we know that God has special plans for her life!

Maliki Kigenyi was born July 14, 2015

Maliki’s mother is a 16 year old girl who was struggling to care for her newborn.  Sonrise agreed to care for Maliki during the day while his mother works a job in town.  When she finishes each afternoon, she picks up Maliki.  Sonrise strongly supports to maintain the mother-child relationship whenever possible.  Please pray for Maliki, his mother and Sonrise Baby’s Home as they care for this young boy until the mother can fully support him. 

Robert Mumwata was born February 2, 2016

Robert's mother died February 2, 2016. When Roberts mom was three months pregnant she had a really bad fall and injured herself so she was taken to the hospital where she stayed for treatment for one month. She returned home and when the pregnancy was full term she went into labor but the doctors told her she would not be able to give birth naturally. She had an emergency C section but sadly she didn't make it through the surgery. She died during surgery and didn't get to meet her beautiful baby boy.

Baby Robert's father is a peasant farmer who grew up as an orphan. Usually in such cases the grandmother takes over the responsibility. So Robert's father really felt stranded with this new born.  He contacted Damili, Director of the Sonrise Baby's Home, and begged to save his sons.  Baby Robert was taken to our pediatrician and was diagnosed with Chlamydia and is now being treated. The Pediatrician said if we had not brought Robert to the hospital when we did he could have developed a mental illness or die from the infection. Please pray for baby Robert to recover quickly. He was born a big baby but has lost a lot of weight. Consider helping out with his bill at the hospital or help sponsor him.

This is 8 months old April K. with his grandmother. He was abandoned by his parents and now being cared for by his grandmother. With great anguish over her inability to feed April, she brought April to Sonrise.   With tears in her eyes she gave him over to Damili (Baby’s Home Director).

At Sonrise we believe that keeping the family together where possible. Please consider keeping these two together by sponsoring April. We would send your donation each month to April's grandmother so that we keep them together.

Brothers Joshua and Caleb

Joshua was born on 12 January 2016.

Following Joshua’s birth at a village clinic, their mother suffered complications and was transported to a hospital in Jinja but she passed away before arriving. She left behind six children. Their dad is a truck driver and sometimes drives long distances. He is a very good man trying to provide for his children but being gone so often, he is not able to care for his two young sons as well as make a living for the remaining children. He decided to leave his two baby boys with us where he knows they will be well loved and cared for in the best way possible. Please pray for him as he grieves the loss of his wife and misses the babies. He is a Moslem but only had one wife and loved her so much. Please pray for his salvation. Pray for Caleb, he is so sad and I can tell he misses his Momma. It hurts my heart to see him so lost and confused but we know that only Christ can bring comfort in this little boy’s heart.


Caleb was born on 13 November 2014


Baby Zion was born December 1, 2015.

Annette, age 17 and HIV positive, contracted malaria in her last trimester when she gave birth and was sent home with baby Zion. Praise God the HIV was not passed on to Zion.  

Three days after birth the mother began experiencing severe migraine headaches and she was taken back to Jinja Referral Hospital where she was treated but her condition did not improve. She suffered a mental breakdown refusing to feed her baby, burned all the babies hospital documents and poured out her medications.  It was not safe for Zion to be with her mother so she was brought to the Sonrise Baby Home.

Annette was was abandoned by Zion's father after she became pregnant and has no interest in baby Zion.  

Please pray that the mother recovers so she and Baby Zion can be reunited.  Please pray for Baby Zion that she regains weight and health.

Esther was born November 3, 2014

Baby Esther's mother abandoned her in the little room they lived in, locked her in and left.  The neighbors hearing Esther’s cry opened the door and called Esther's father who was away at work. He is a laborer and doesn't make much and has other family obligations.  He was very upset that his wife would do such a thing. He says he will never forgive her for what she did. Esther's Dad couldn't take care of her so she was relocated to the Sonrise Baby Home.  Esther is very developmentally slow and we suspect that's the reason she was abandoned by her mother.  With care and God’s help she is recovering.

Betty was born on November 16, 2014

Betty comes from the Masese slum. Most people there have lost hope in life and become drunkards. They drink the pain of hopelessness away. Most people from Masese are from the North Eastern part of Uganda, Karamoja. That region is dry most of the year and so they always have difficulty in having enough food that is why they run away to Jinja in search of a better life but they instead end up in Masese. Betty's mother claims she is not the mother but we believe she is. She claims Betty belongs to her brother who passed away. The reason we believe she is the biological mother is because she was breastfeeding Betty when she was found. We tried to persuade her that she should keep Betty and we will find help but she refused. She threatened to do something to Betty if we didn't remove her. The social worker that brought her to Sonrise was almost in tears at this point. We agreed to take in Betty in hopes they they can be reunited at some future date. We believe the reason Betty was rejected is because she has a medical condition.  Please Pray for complete healing and pray that the Lord will give Betty's mother a change of heart.  Until then she is at Sonrise where she is loved and cared for by many.

Julius – birthdate unknown

The local government council called Sonrise Baby’s Home on Feb. 23, 2015 about a baby who was abandoned in a bar at the Nile trading center on Feb. 17th.  According to the biological father his wife ran off with another man and has not looked back.  Julius' father has been looking for a place where the baby can be safe as he figures out what to do. He was drunk even as we picked up the baby. Pray for Julius that his mother, wherever she may be, will have a change of heart and they can be reunited.  Julius will be well cared for at Sonrise with your help.

Praise God!  Julius is fully sponsored.

Richard birthdate unknown

Richard lost his mother when he was just one month old.  She was involved in an accident and died instantly.  Richard was passed to his uncle and was not receiving proper care.  Richard was near death with malnutrition when he was brought to Sonrise in December of 2014. He was immediately taken to the hospital for badly needed care. He is now a growing little boy. 


Nicolette Kunsa was born July 26, 2013

The Aids Association (TASO) notified Damali about a baby that was great need of help.  The mother, who was a teenager, was HIV positive and had been bed ridden for the last 6 months with no one to help.  The grandmother stayed in the hospital with the mother so there was no one to take care of the baby.  They were very poor and couldn’t even afford a small cup of milk. At 4 months old Nicolette still looked like a new born.  The mother later came down with cancer and was transferred to a hospital in Kampala.  It was during the time the mother was being transferred that they asked Sonrise to take in baby Nicolette who was very malnourished.  She now drinks a lot of milk and is gaining weight quickly.  Nicolette is a beautiful baby and loves to smile.  We praise God for Nicolete. She is so happy all the time.   

Melissa Sarah Namutebi was born November 13, 2013

Shortly after Melissa was born, the mother died. The dad had a friend that heard of Sonrise and came to us for help. The father has 7 other children, the fith is having problems walking and needs medical care. The father was not able to take care of Melissa too so we accepted her and brought baby Melissa into the home. She is growing and so healthy. Baby Melissa loves to be held and to be cuddled. She only wants warm bottles and hates if Auntie Peace tries to give the bottle to her when it’s cold. She gags herself as if she is going to vomit until the bottle is warm again. She loves to stare at whoever is carrying her straight in the face.

Ezra Praise Opundi was born September 16, 2013

The mother was pregnant with twins and died in childbirth along with one of the babies. The probation officer called Sonrise and asked if we could take the surviving baby, Praise. The father could not take care of him because he already had too many children and didn’t have the finances to support another child. We will have baby Praise until he is around 3 years old and we pray that he can be reunited with the father at that time. Baby Praise is so calm and such a quiet boy. He only cries when he needs to eat or be changed.

Laura Babirye & Henry Tenwa were born February 1, 2014

Laura (top photo) and twin brother Henry (bottom photo) were born in the Kamuli hospital to an HIV positive and mentally ill mother. We do not know who the father is but it is believed that the mother was raped. The father did not come forward to claim the children. The nuns at the hospital kept the twins for a week but couldn’t keep them forever and they needed to find a place for them. They contacted Sonrise Baby Home to take them in and explained the situation to us. We graciously took them in and thank God for their lives.

Agnes Nyensi Nakato & Peace Babirye  were born on December 13, 2012.

(Agnes, top, Peace below) Their father is a  Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF) soldier and is often far away for his job. When he came home one day, he caught his wife cheating on him. According to the neighbors, he threatened his wife and she ran away. The twins are at Sonrise temporarily as we make arrangements to reunite them with their father. He will need to find a relative to come stay with him to care for the children since he is often away. He loves his babies very much! Since he lives in the slums, he is worried that if he leaves them their without proper supervisions they will be taken as a child sacrifice or will be defiled. Pray for this father as he is looking for the perfect person who will love and take care of them the way they deserve. The twins came to Sonrise with Kwashiorkor (protein malnourishment) but now they are getting healthy with the special diet. They are now beginning to catch up and start walking!  

Princess Amina Saaga was born September 18, 2014

The grandmother tells us that Amina's mother bled for two days before getting her to the nearby hospital. A cesarean section was perform mother continued to bleed; she died soon after. The paternal grandmother wasn’t able to care of Amina because she cares for several other orphans. Amina's great grandmother is severely crippled, so Amina's grandmother ended up caring for her as well. On top of all that, Amina's grandmother has some medical conditions that won’t allow her to take on more responsibility. Sonrise presented her with several other options but she said she would rather her granddaughter stay with us, where she knows Amina will be well loved and cared for. Please pray for her grandmother's health as we care for Amina. 

John Mark was born on July 4, 2014  

John’s mother was a 13 year old orphan and was raped by her doctor who was supposed to have been treating her at the time. Her story was all over the news at the time. Another doctor who had heard about Sonrise called us and explained the situation. Said that the girl would not be able to give birth naturally and will be given a cesarean section for free. She has come to terms on what has happened to her and considered keeping the baby if it was a girl. When she delivered and found out it was a boy she couldn't take him because he looked like the man who raped her. Baby John Mark is with us at Sonrise now and we are counseling with the mother. We are encouraging her to come and visit her son so that maybe one day she will fall in love with him and be reunited. She has come once since the birth and was handed her son so that she can see how cute, big, and healthy he is getting. Please continue to pray for this young girl who is dealing with so much.

Zack Muganzi born on October 14, 2013.

Zach’s father passed away shortly after he was born. Once the father passed, Zach’s mother became so desperate and overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of a newborn and paying for bills, she abandoned Zach with an auntie. The auntie has children of her own plus other children she is already helping and could not take care of Zach. She came to Sonrise Baby Home and begged us to take him. When Zach came to us, he was very sick and malnourished. We began to bring him back to being a good healthy baby. He has grown to be a very happy chubby baby and such a joy to have around Sonrise.

Patience Bafumba was born July 14, 2013.

Her parents were going through a bad divorce and neither of them want to care for Patience. The town council family division called Sonrise to see if we could care for her until things calm down and it’s safe for her to be reunited with one of her parents. She was malnourished when she came in but she is now doing so much better. She is a happy little girl and so beautiful! Please be praying for the parents and that little Patience will soon be able to go home to someone.