There are so many physical and spiritual needs that must be met in raising these little ones in a wholesome, safe and healthy environment.  First and foremost, please pray that everything we plan and do is accomplished according to the will of God.  

From the form below you may make a one time or recurring contribution to the Sonrise Children's Home and related Ministry Needs using a credit card or your bank account.  Please consider adding a 5% overhead fee to help us provide these services.  (provided by

Pastor Ivan & Melissa Mukulu, Directors

Pastor Ivan & Melissa Mukulu, Directors

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If you are looking to sponsor one of our Sonrise Home children, please visit one of these pages:

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Prayer And Financial Needs

Thanks to many loving souls we are near complete with the 3 duplex cottages.  Each duplex cottage is 4,750 square feet (2.325 per side).  Latrines, solar power systems and auntie's bathrooms are in process of being installed and provisions have been provided for window and door screening, outside stoves, bedding for 60 children and 6 aunties, dining tables and benches, personal trunks, shoes racks and pad locks.  Livestock owned: 41 pigs, 26 goats, 2 milk cows, 2 oxen and 6 chicken.  Cultivated fields include: rice, corn, sweet potatoes, peppers, eggplant, 1 mango tree and 1 jackfruit tree. 

We continue to pray for the following items.  (updated 22-Feb-2018)


  • Security fence around cottages - $5,500 US (Chain link, concrete posts)
  • Operational 2nd Water Well - We already have the well established.  We need to install a tank structure, solar well pump and house.  $10,000 US
  • Repairs to our former rental home - $10,000. (In Uganda, the renter must bring the rental property back to its former condition upon exiting.  Years of hard use of this property has resulted in many needed repairs.)

Total:  $25,500

2.  Complete 8 room school building (in the following priority)

  1. Kitchen & Supplies - $5,000
  2. Teaching Materials - $2,800
  3. Furnishings
          8 locked supply cabinets - $1,200
          8, 40 count cubbies - $2,000
          10 bulletin boards - $600
  4. Solar system - $8,500

Total Needed:  $20,100

3.  Sonrise Children’s Farming Project

This a critical part of our desire to become more self-sustaining. (shown in order of importance)

a.  Sugar Cane Project - $40,000.   100 Acres of land and sugarcane.

b. 40 Acres of Land for the dry crops - $40,000

c.  Funds to plant crops - $8,000.   Ginger, eggplant, green Beans, cabbage, green peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, dry beans, Irish potatoes, corn, matooke, small bananas, large bananas, watermelon, pineapple, passion fruit, oranges, lemons, and jackfruit

Brenda Arinda, House Manager

d. 15 Acres of Land for the Livestock - $15,000.   

e. Livestock

  • Beef Cows @ $600 ea x 20 = $12,000
  • Milk cows @ $1,000 ea x 20 = $20,000
  • Goats @ $50 ea x 100 = $5,000
  • Chickens @ $10 ea x 150 = $1,500
  • Turkeys @ $35 ea x 50 = $1,750
  • Pigs @$100 ea x 50 = $1,500

f. Pig Pen for 50 pigs - $1,000  (concrete floor)

g. Tilapia Farm - $20,000 per cage (want 2-4 cages)