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PO Box 180336
Mobile, AL 36618

A 100% faith based ministry to rescue and save children in Uganda who are starving or vulnerable and seek to provide a loving and safe environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the ultimate goal being that they would know the saving love of Jesus Christ and grow in His grace. Sonrise Minitries, Inc., home office Mobile AL.


Damali's Story

Damali is the director of Sonrise Baby Home in Jinja, Uganda.

My name is Damali Manyindo.  I am the director of Sonrise Baby Home in Jinja, Uganda. I felt called to care for orphans since the time I was growing up in a children's home myself. After my mother passed away from HIV/AIDS when I was eight years old, and my uncle passed away in that same year, my siblings and I went to live in a children's home called, "Good Shepherd's Fold" (GSF) in Jinja. My siblings, cousins, and I received the best care possible there and were able to thrive and grow. Since that time, I have also dreamed about providing the kind of love and care that I received in my own life to other needy Ugandan children.

I was very fortunate to have sponsors and receive support during my life at GSF. After leaving "Good Shepherd's Fold Children's Home," I went to University and studied Psychology and Social Science. Throughout college, I also volunteered at "Give International", which is a missions organization here in Jinja. Upon graduation, I received my dream job to care for orphans through working with an organization called "Samaritan's Purse". I specifically worked with the "Orphan Care and Equip Project" here in Uganda.

In March 2009, I made the decision to embark on my next dream: to care for orphans full-time. I prayerfully considered this decision, and felt like this is what God was calling me to do! The Lord led me away from Samaritan's Purse full-time into one of the most rewarding jobs I could ever imagine. God led me to a home outside of Jinja, Uganda that was right across the Nile River from Jinja and was available for rent. After much prayer, I decided to rent the house and open Sonrise Babies Home there. I began visiting some babies that I had heard needed care and nourishment. I visited villages, pastors, homes, etc. to see their situations.  I am clinging to the promise that He will provide. God has provided a home we now own with joining chicken coop and outdoor kitchen. Praise Jesus!

The babies are with us from as young as one day old, up to 3 years. Once the child turns 3, he/she will move to the Sonrise Children's Home

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