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Sonrise Babies’ Home

From the form below, you can make a one time or recurring contribution to the Sonrise Babies' Home using a major credit card or your bank account.  We currently assess a 9% overhead fee on all gifts regardless of source. Do to the reality that nearly all our gifts are designated or restricted to a particular Sonrise Ministry need and not to our General Fund, it has become necessary to fund our overhead from our individual gifts.

Donate here when you are not sure what area of our ministry to support.  As a faith-based ministry, we always have needs.

Prayer And Financial Needs

There are so many physical and spiritual needs that must be met in raising our little ones in a wholesome, safe, and healthy environment.  First and foremost, please pray with us in these needs.  All prices are in US$.

For Canadian’s Donors, click her to support the Babies Home Land Project, for Canadian tax receipts.

For Canadian’s Donors, click her to support the Babies Home Land Project, for Canadian tax receipts.

  1. Land $60,000

  2. Farm Security Gate $1,500. Recently God provided us with a security fence which was donated by friends from Germany but we are needing a big security gate. 

  3. Rain water Harvest $2,000. We can be able to collect rainwater from the house and save on our water bill.

  4. Refrigerator $1,500. Our fridge is very old and doesn’t work most of the time. We are in desperate need of a big new one. 

  5. Van $16,000. We really need a large van to transport babies back and forth from hospital, whenever we all have to go somewhere we have to rent one which is quite expensive. Even if we could get a deposit of $6000 they can give it to us and we can be paying it of slowly by slowly. 

  6. Work Uniform for ladies $1,500. Working with toddlers and babies means you get yourself very dirty in no time therefore if we could have uniforms it could be a huge help. Even if we could have old nurse scrubs donated it would be a blessing for them.

  7. Kitchen Roof $1,000. Our Kitchen roof needs reinforcements urgently it’s affecting the veranda which will eventually destroy the foundation of the house. It’s especially hard during rainy season 

  8. Towels $300. We can get 100 towels in a balle. These are used but very good. 

  9. Mattresses $300. Our Auntie’s mattresses in their rooms are completely worn out. We need to replace them. 

    Thank you Damali

Sept 2017

Sept 2017

To promote our compliance with applicable US Federal Laws, all contributions are made with the understanding that Sonrise Ministries Inc. has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.