Love Adds Value to Everything We Do

It's amazing what love can do, even if it's just a little bit of it.  Shakira and Shamina joined Sonrise Baby's Home as malnourished scared babies and mostly deprived of love and nurturing.  Slowly the Baby Home began to plant the seeds of love, acceptance and security. At three years they graduated to Sonrise Children's Home and we continued to water the seeds that had been planted at the Baby Home.  

Now the once scared girls have blossomed into gorgeous beautiful girls (princess models as they like being called).  

Deep prayer without love is useless, Generosity without love is pointless as a preacher once said.  Love adds value to everything we do, love is the answer the children of the world are looking for. Love bears all things, believes all things and hopes all things.

By: Brenda Arinda, Children's Home Director
copied from Brenda's FaceBook post