Daniel's Story

I was an orphan until my rescue by the Good Shepherds Fold Home located in Jinja, Uganda.  This is where I learned that others cared for me and learned about Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

I learned of my talent as an artist of drawings, paintings and crafts.  With this gift that God gave me,  I‘ve been able to share it with street children so that they can be able to make a living for themselves through art instead of just begging on the streets.  

After my departure from the Good Shepherds Fold as an adult I reached out to several girls living on the streets.   The girls shared very sad stories of how they ended up on streets, broken families, wars in Uganda, and AIDS. 

When parents die the orphans are left with relatives who mistreat them, making them go hungry, raping the girls, forcing them into early marriages, denying them education and over working them as child laborers.   Because of this abuse, these girls end up on streets in search for food and relief from their abusive relatives.

As a result of the stories these little girls shared with me, my heart was broken. I could not help but imagine if this was my sister or my daughter going through this kind of life.   I could feel the Lord tugging on my heart to rescue these girls and stop their suffering on the streets; to provide them a safe place to sleep, a warm meal, a place they could call home.  

I am humbly requesting on their behalf for your support in any way you can, through your prayers or financially sponsoring a girl or making a donation of any size.   However small it can do a lot in these girls lives.  I know that their lives will be a testimony as I want to bring them up in a God fearing life.