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Last updated 2-Aug-2018

First and foremost, please pray that everything we plan and do is accomplished according to the will of God.  

From the form below you may make a one time or recurring contribution to the Sonrise Children's Home and related Ministry Needs using a credit card or your bank account.   We currently assess a 9% overhead fee on all gifts regardless of source. Do to the reality that nearly all our gifts are designated or restricted to a particular Sonrise Ministry need and not to our General Fund, it has become necessary to fund our overhead from our individual gifts.

Construction Status:

Thanks to many loving souls, we are nearly finished with the 3 duplex cottages.  Each duplex cottage is 4,750 square feet (2.325 feet per side).  Latrines are in process of being installed.  Bedding for 60 children and 6 aunties, dining tables and benches, personal trunks, shoes racks, and padlocks.   Our owned livestock includes 41 pigs, 26 goats, 2 milk cows, 2 oxen, and 6 chicken.  Cultivated fields include rice, corn, sweet potatoes, peppers, eggplant, 1 mango tree, and 1 jackfruit tree.  

  1. Continuing to maintain the access road (temporary repairs)

  2. Latrines / shower houses lack exterior plaster and paint (lack of funds); toilets and showers are functional.

Priority Prayer and Financial Needs

In order of priority:

  1. Praying for our daily efforts to be fully compliant with our government requirements. Significant reporting, record keeping and other labor and financial intensive efforts.

  2. Praying for sponsors for 145 village children, to attend school.

  3. Prayer for successful completion of our new Nursery School building.

  4. Complete our two restroom/shower houses, $2,500

  5. Two milk cows, $1,000 each

  6. Complete window screens on our cottages, $1,500

  7. Fence for livestock - $2,000

  8. Generator 15kv - $7,000 (to support Sonrise homes and well pump; needed during rainy seasons when the solar power does not operate)

  9. 40 Acres of Land for dry crops - $40,000. Land is currently available.

  10. 2nd Water Well - $20,000. We already have the well pipe installed. We need to install a tank structure, solar well pump, and house. This will provide for the growing needs of the facility.

  11. School cafeteria shelter - $5,000 (metal roofing panels, cement flooring, steel and wood structure)

  12. Completing the 8 room school building (in the following priority)

    • Kitchen & Supplies - $5,000

    • Teaching Materials - $2,800

    • Furnishings (eight locked supply cabinets - $1,200, eight

    • 40-count cubbies - $2,000, ten bulletin boards - $600)

    • Solar system - $8,500

 Pastor Ivan &amp; Melissa Mukulu, Directors

Pastor Ivan & Melissa Mukulu, Directors

Sonrise Children’s Farming Project

This a critical part of our desire to become more self-sustaining (shown in order of importance).

a.  Sugar Cane Project - $40,000.   100 Acres of land and sugarcane.

b.  Funds to plant crops - $8,000.   Ginger, eggplant, green Beans, cabbage, green peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, dry beans, Irish potatoes, corn, matooke, small bananas, large bananas, watermelon, pineapple, passion fruit, oranges, lemons, and jackfruit

c. 15 Acres of Land for the Livestock - $15,000.   

d. Pig Pen for 50 pigs - $2,000  (concrete floor, lumber, roofing panels, labor)

e. Goat fence and house - $2,000

f. Livestock

  1. Beef Cows ($600 ea x 20 = $12,000)

  2. Milk cows ($1,000 ea x 20 = $20,000)

  3. Goats ($50 ea x 100 = $5,000)

  4. Chickens ($10 ea x 150 = $1,500)

  5. Turkeys ($35 ea x 50 = $1,750)

  6. Pigs ($100 ea x 50 = $1,500)

g. Tilapia Farm - $20,000 per cage (desire 2-4 cages)

Sponsor A Sonrise Child

If you are looking to sponsor one of our Sonrise Home children, please visit one of these pages:

Babies Home
Children's Home
- Mirembe Cottage

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