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PO Box 180336
Mobile, AL 36618

A 100% faith based ministry to rescue and save children in Uganda who are starving or vulnerable and seek to provide a loving and safe environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the ultimate goal being that they would know the saving love of Jesus Christ and grow in His grace. Sonrise Minitries, Inc., home office Mobile AL.


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Pastor Ivan & Melissa Mukulu, Directors

Pastor Ivan & Melissa Mukulu, Directors

Brenda Arinda, House Manager

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Prayer And Financial Needs

There are so many physical and spiritual needs that must be met in raising these little ones in a wholesome, safe and healthy environment.  First and foremost, please pray that everything we plan and do is accomplished according to the glory of God.  You can make a financial contribution by using the form on this page. 

In order of importance: (updated Aug 2017)

1. Complete three, four bedroom living cottages

  • Flush Latrine & Shower, 2 x $11,250 = $22,500
  • Solar power system - $22,500
  • Children's Beds, 60 x $100 = $6,000
  • Auties Beds, 6 x $220 = $1,320
  • Auties bathroom fixtures (tub, sink, toilet),
        6 x $225 = $1,350
  • Outside cook stove, 6 x $262 = $1,572
  • Fixtures, Furnishings, Housewares & Appliances - $20,400
    (refrigerator, ceiling fans, window coverings, door locks, eating/cooking utensils, towels/rags, kitchen sink x 6 cottages)

TOTAL: $75,642

2.  Complete 8 room school building

  • Boys and Girls Latrines - $12,500
  • Furnishings (desks, benches, chalk boards, etc.) - $14,000
  • Solar system - $8,500

TOTAL: $35,000

3.  60 acres of land.  $60,000.  

40 acres have been purchased.  This will permit us to expand our farm allowing us to be more self sufficient through agriculture. Would also allow for smaller family units.   

4.  Construct a fourth duplex cottage

Click here to read more about our financial needs for our New Children's Home Complex