Thank you to everyone who has come along side us over the years to rescue and save babies.  With your help we are able to rescue babies who have been orphaned, abandoned, malnourished, or need a home until a parent is able to maintain a self sustaining job to care for both of them.  

At Sonrise Baby Home we receive a lot of emergency needs for babies to be rescued, yet we don’t always have the funds to care for them. When the police, hospital, or village contacts us about a vulnerable baby that has no place to go due to a parent’s death or has been found abandoned, we often have a few hours to rescue the baby. 

Babies may be with us a few weeks until we are able to locate a family member who can adequately care for them or until age 3 when he/she can begin preschool and be reunited with their family or adopted by a local family. If neither of these options are available then the baby will be moved to a Christian children’s home.

When a new baby arrives in our home, he or she must immediately be taken to the hospital due to government requirements. If the baby is sick and needs medications, we must purchase them. If the baby is contagious with a disease, such as measles, chicken pox or TB, we must hire an additional Auntie to stay with the baby full time in an isolated location from the other babies to avoid spreading the disease.

Due to the quick entrance into our home at times, we often are unable to get a sponsor for the baby immediately. Since the baby requires immediate medical attention and a lot of formula due to being extremely hungry, we are soliciting general home sponsorship to help care for these urgent cases. Since our goal is to reunite babies with a family, we are not offering individual baby sponsorships, but rather home sponsorship that covers all babies including the newest ones upon arrival. 

Please consider donating to our General Fund by clicking the button above labeled “Donate to Baby Home.” Your financial gifts to the Sonrise Baby Home covers formula/diapers for babies, food/clothing for toddlers, medical care and medicine, full time auntie care, maintenance of our home including power and water bills, or our milk cows who provide the babies with 2-3 cups of fresh milk per child per day.

Girls in Our Home

Boys in Our Home


Children that are supported with continued care and oversight by the Sonrise Baby Home. Some of these children come to the Baby Home during the day while a parent is seaking a job or working. Since we strongly believe in keeping families together, we provide care during the day until the parent is able to return that evening. Others are babies who have been reunited with their family; however we send our social worker every quarter to monitor the child's health, the home environment, and to check on the baby.