The day was full . . .

by Sheri Wade, visiting team member to Sonrise Children's Homes


The day was full.  Work began at the Baby Home at 7 AM.  We enjoyed a stroll to the Nile River with the older babies for their outing.  Please note that a "stroll" to a Ugandan is the ultimate boot camp challenge to an American  But at the end of the day - the most wonderful testimonies were joyfully shared of His faithfulness and goodness helping with chores the our Ugandan family does every single day to care for orphans, no days off, weekends, holidays or vacations come with the package. And they are happy to fulfill their callings - and give God much glory for blessing them. Very humbling! 


Tonight I also enjoyed a special visit with a little girl that is someone special to our family, Kirabo. It was wonderful to see that with Sonrise ministries, the children not only are provided for physically - but are taught the Word of God daily during their devotion times - church services as well as their weekly Bible verses. Late night testimonies are prayer time with our team and the Sonrise staff was such a blessing to me. God's timing is always amazing - His outpouring of Grace that reminds us that we are His, no matter what land or language we come from. His calling on our lives is UNCHANGEABLE, even though we often view our day to day lives as a story we wouldn't have chosen for ourselves because things turned out so differently than what we have originally planned. I'm Thankful tonight that in God's Book of Life my name is indeed written in permanent marker - But everything else on this earth is written in pencil - I've especially found that to be true this past year. As you can tell, we are being His hands and feet this week - But the fellowship and Spiritual growth you encounter when so many things are stripped away is the highlight of every day here, and it's only day two! I cannot wait to wake up again and see what HIS plan is for tomorrow.